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Please reblog this so people can pray.
This is my son, James. He’s my whole entire world, basically the reason why I continue to get out of bed everyday. Today when he was at his moms, she wasn’t watching him and he fell down a load of stairs. He was knocked out and when she brought him to the hospital he wouldn’t wake up. Eventually he woke up and the doctors said everything was okay so I took him home with me. He fell asleep like 30 minutes after I got home with him so I put him in his crib, about 2 hours later I went in to check on him and he wasnt moving and I shook him a little and he wouldnt wake up. I’m sitting across from him in the hospital room as he lays down wrapped in all kinds of cords and has a breathing machine hooked to him to keep him breathing. I’m 17, I’m young and I haven’t lived my life to the fullest, but if he dies.. I go to. Please pray. Please.

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